Pinelake Church

  • Brandon, MS, USA
d&b Soundscape systemYamaha Rivage PM7 console

Architectural Challenges

When Pinelake Church in Mississippi opened their Reservoir Campus in 2003, the church originally had a traditional, full choir and orchestra worship style, since then the church has transitioned to a more contemporary style of worship which pointed out weaknesses and the age of their current sound system. These weaknesses created a roadblock to the overall effectiveness of their services. Pinelake reached out to InteRise of Nashville, TN to seek guidance on designing and installing a new sound system in the church to help connect the worship ministry to the congregation.

When Philip Hagood and Wade Russell from InteRise sat down with Kevin to discuss the new sound system, there were a variety of options from different manufacturers that were on the table. One of the main challenges InteRise had to overcome when helping Pinelake choose a suitable system was the low ceiling inside of the building. InteRise had to come up with a solution that created quality audio coverage across the room but also did not obstruct the visual space.

Product Consistency

Many of Pinelake’s other campuses and facilities have d&b sound systems so the church knew they chose a high-quality product to be installed by InteRise. Before the project began, the InteRise team went on site to take a 3D measurement of the space with a Leica BLK360 image lasering scanner in order to produce renderings that would show what the new sound system in the space would look like. The d&b Soundscape system gives Pinelake the tools to mix the audio into the room in a way that creates an engaging and visceral experience while also removing distractions created by traditional speaker systems, so the message is clear. 

Immersive Audio & the Perfect Mix

d&b Soundscape allows for a deeper, intensified connection between the congregation and the worship ministry. The d&b En-Scene software enables object-based mixing and positioning that creates an authentic acoustic reality. It locates and tracks each individual sound object; harmonizing what is seen and heard to bring together what belongs together or pushing them far apart while the d&b En-Space software modifies reverberation signatures to transform the acoustics of any space to suit your needs.

Pinelake has stayed consistent when deploying Yamaha consoles at each of their six campuses. To increase workflow efficiency while mixing, the Yamaha Rivage PM7 console was selected to drive the d&b Soundscape system as the higher channel and bus count allowed more flexibility while mixing the audio.

With the new system the band sounds amazing and the vocals are easy to understand. That’s so important in worship music to be able to hear the lyrics and sing along and the same thing is true for the message.”

— Kevin Hoober, Director of Worship Technology at Pinelake