P!nk – Beautiful Trauma Tour

2018 - 2019
118 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures 88 Claypaky Scenius Unicos 92 Robe Spikies 900 Solotech/Saco 6 mm LED panels 6 Christie projectors 6 Grass Valley HD LDX86 cameras 2 disguise GX2 media servers

The beauty…and the trauma

“For the Beautiful Trauma Tour, it was important that the treatment of every song in the show had a beauty and a trauma to it,” says Baz Halpin, Production Designer of the show. A challenging mandate, with a world-renowned artist, that Solotech has been proud to be part of since the very beginning of the tour.

“Any tour of this size can be challenging, but the professionalism in the tour management and great direction from Baz Halpin’s team make it easy.” -Dean Roney, Vice-President, Touring at Solotech

Solotech: A key player for success

Solotech handles all the video and lighting solutions required for this impressive tour, which boasts a lot of movement, on-stage and in the air.

A colossal video screen, composed of 900 LED panels, immediately brings the project to life and becomes the focal point in support of the other visual elements of the show. Despite the complexity of the staging, the lighting system is designed to adapt its position to the needs of each song through a wide array of specialized automation equipment.

“Solotech has provided an amazing group of professionals and gear. These guys come in and are presented with different obstacles every day, that they look right at, and go right over them! I don’t think this could have been done with any other group.” – Baz Halpin.