Place Bell

  • Laval
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Place Bell project

Place Bell is a multipurpose cultural and sports complex located in Laval, Quebec with a seating capacity of 10,000. It can be converted into a performance hall, NHL-standard skating rink, Olympic-sized skating rink and NHL-standard community skating rink.

In 2017, Solotech was contracted to provide and install audiovisual systems in the main arena, secondary rinks, concession stand areas and outside the complex.

Versatile audio, video and lighting solutions

Solotech’s video solution comprised many components, including an outdoor signage system consisting of a 3-sided pylon with LED screens.

Also installed were digital clock and signage systems, timekeeping and central scoreboard to support the interaction and movement of visitors in the community rink spaces and in the main arena. Digital displays were installed in office and concession stand spaces to increase communication with customers. Finally, a complete video control booth was supplied and integrated to support the broadcasting of the games and video content. Overall, the video solution at Place Bell represents more than 250 m2 of screens and runs over an IP network.

For lighting, Solotech supplied and installed a complete event lighting system capable of showcasing artists and major productions in the main arena. A complete audio system for the facility’s secondary rink was also designed and installed.