The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park

  • San Diego, CA, USA
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Making music by the Bay

Rady Shell is hard to miss as you glance over San Diego Bay. An architectural masterpiece, concertgoers from far and wide go to listen to music as the sun sets over the Bay. This unique venue includes a covered stage with 13,000 square feet of performance space and seats up to 10,000 audience members.

As a permanent home to the San Diego Symphony and a venue for performing artists of all kinds, Rady Shell, known by many as “The Shell,” required an exceptionally high level of sound quality and precision. “The audiovisual experience needed to be nothing short of impeccable,” explains Aaron Beck, Business Development Manager and Sr. Engineer at Solotech.

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Credits: Pink Media Productions
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A venue with unique challenges

Creating a strategy for audio equipment selection and setup was no easy feat. The Solotech team needed to consider sound reverberation from The Shell’s canvas material, the dense city close by, and most importantly, the adjacent water of the Bay. 

“Equipment choice was critical,” explains Mr. Beck. “We had to consider environmental factors like how the salt in the air would affect the equipment. We also had to take into account a strict noise ordinance, so we devised a plan that contained the sound to the site.”  

 Mr. Beck and his team were also asked to ensure that the chosen audio system be flexible enough for different types of performances. “There could be a symphony performance on a Friday night and a pop concert on a Saturday,” he explains. “Our solution enables technicians to adapt quickly and ensure high-quality sound regardless of musical genre.” 

A complete audiovisual experience

Solotech supplied and integrated all audio systems that served audience members, as well as a specialized sound system for musicians and technicians, including microphones and mixing consoles. The turnkey solution also included video equipment, cameras, switchers, LED screens and lighting. Solotech’s detail-oriented approach to the Rady Shell audiovisual experience ensures its place as a first-class performance venue.