Saint-Thomas Hospital

  • Nashville, TN, USA

Breaking barriers for medical professionals.

Saint Thomas Hospital has been caring for patients in the Middle Tennessee area for over 100 years with a mission of providing sustainable, spiritually centered holistic care to the communities it serves. We recently helped Saint Thomas Hospital complete a technology overhaul that helps their physicians educate, train, and be trained more effectively.

Fixing the Cause, Not Treating the Symptoms

This project was a results-driven endeavor with a clear list of objectives from the get-go. Through an extensive discovery phase with hospital personnel and the project consultant, we were able to accurately define a scope of work that met their needs from both a technology and a financial standpoint.

Under the Microscope

We provided design and integration services for the overhauled audio, lighting and video systems for three educational environments throughout the midtown campus, including the Media Learning Center auditorium. The renovated MLC gives physicians, educators and administrators the ability to host a variety of events ranging from new employee trainings to demonstrations of the latest surgical techniques and advancements. Our goal was to make every seat in the house the best seat in the house. All viewing angles were carefully determined, and the PA was selected after an acoustic model was performed to ensure even audio coverage throughout the seating plot. The end result was a custom-built environment tailored specifically to the needs of hospital and healthcare professionals.

Follow-Up Care

Given the variety of professionals who would be utilizing the space for different events, special emphasis was placed on training and continuing education–not just for what the space could do day one, but the capabilities of the system in the future.

“They were very focused on truly identifying our needs, not just selling me a product. I felt like they cared about us as much as any other client.”

— Jessica C. Wells, Vice President of Medical Education and Research, Saint Thomas Hospital