SeaGlass Carousel

Surround sound in each carousel fish and master PA system Internal lighting of the fish Audio and lighting control

An aquatic… and technological… experience

The SeaGlass Carousel project in New York, a unique concept by WXY Architecture + Urban Design and the Battery Park Conservancy, was realized as the result of a technical and creative collaboration among Show Canada, The Battery Conservancy and Solotech.

The 30 fish-shaped passenger seats are each equipped with 3 speakers, a subwoofer and an internal LED light system designed to mimic the bioluminescence of the aquatic world. To produce a surround sound effect, 12 speakers and 3 high power subwoofers were installed in the room.

Adventure with a capital A

The LED lighting that creates a “water effect,” architectural lighting fixtures and the multi-track audio playback are all controlled by a Medialon show control system.

The final experience gives the riders, through both sight and sound, a 360° aquatic adventure.