Shades Mountain Baptist Church

  • Birmingham, AL, USA
LED Walls: SquareV Vi3 28’ x 16’ WallsVideo Switching and Routing: Ross Ultrix FR5 and Ross Carbonite Ultra 2MELighting Console: GrandMA 3 LightHoist and Support Package: CM D8+ Hoists, Motion Labs installed hoist control, and custom Eurotruss and ModTruss trussing systems

Building for the future.

Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL partnered with InteRise for design and build services on the video and lighting systems.
They took the facility to a new level by installing both video and lighting systems that will forever change the house of worship.

The InteRise team was confident that the Ross Video product line would give the church a solid foundation with numerous options to accomplish the task at hand. The Ultrix router platform was the key to providing the church significant expansion options for the future. Specifically, the Ross Ultrix FR5 and Ross Carbonite Ultra 2ME were installed in addition to the two SquareV Vi3 28’ x 16’ Walls.

As the congregation settles in, it is clear that the LED walls are the most impactful new feature in the worship center. The two walls, which consist of 170 panels each with 2,785,280 pixels per wall have garnered many compliments from congregants. The accolades are centered around the improved sight lines in the room and how the new LED walls bring a new life to video content as well as a more personal connection to the live elements of the stage.

The Shades Mountain production team can now support future vision and direction of the church with extensive infrastructure that now exists.

The Heart of the Matter

The Ross Carbonite Ultra switcher was chosen as the heart of the video system and InteRise incorporated cameras that the church already owned into the design, sparing them additional expense.

And Let There be Light…

The decision was made to let the GrandMA3 lighting console deliver a high-end, professional platform to tackle all the current and future lighting needs. The touring-grade desk allows for the Shades Mountain production team to do just about anything they could imagine. InteRise designed the system to have the upstage lighting truss on CM motors for flexibility and so that all lighting on the upstage bar is LED.

Specifically, the hoist and support package used was CM D8+ Hoists, Motion Labs installed hoist control, and custom Eurotruss and ModTruss trussing systems.

“We needed a team that not only brought us ideas and options for our current needs but also helped us prepare for future needs through support and strategic planning. That was InteRise and we are grateful.”

— Rob Searcy, Director of Technology at Shades Mountain Baptist Church