The 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games

Display and control systemsSL-PRO8 LED screensVideo projection

Out-of-the-ordinary games

The opening and closing ceremonies of the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Games took place in Veracruz, Mexico in November 2014.

The 30,000 spectators at the Luis “Pirata” de la Fuente Stadium and 100 million TV viewers of each ceremony were treated to a lavish production impeccably executed.

Stunning ceremonies delivered by Solotech

Solotech was proud to contribute its expertise to realize the complex and entertaining shows for the ceremonies.

Responsible for providing and installing highly sophisticated video projection equipment, both display and control systems, LED screens and all the lighting, Solotech was once again part of the action and exceeded expectations.

The SL-PRO8 LED screens, designed exclusively for Solotech, played a key role in the success of the performances. These screens, featuring 8 mm resolution, bring more definition to the image, enhancing the audience’s experience.