Trois-Rivières’ Cogeco Amphitheatre

2012 - 2015
Traditional lighting Dimmer racks Architectural lighting control Lighting control Complete DMX network L-Acoustics sound system

Trois-Rivières’ multipurpose outdoor amphitheatre

The Cogeco Amphitheatre is a spectacular outdoor venue featuring covered seating for 3,500 people and a grassed section that can accommodate another 5,000. Its sophisticated audiovisual and production equipment can meet the needs of even the largest local, national and international productions that are staged each year. The amphitheatre, located on a prominent site where the St. Lawrence River meets the St. Maurice River, is an engine of economic and touristic development for the entire area.

A performance on a really large scale!

This being an outdoor amphitheatre, Solotech had to design a sound system capable of reaching all 9,000 spectators evenly across a 150,000+ sq. ft. area, without projecting too much sound across the St. Maurice River. A complete L-Acoustics audio system was chosen for its clear and uniform sound, high-resolution bass frequencies and high-power projection, all the way to the back of the amphitheatre in the grassy esplanade. For lighting, Solotech used a complete LUMINEX Ethernet and DMX protocol solution, which is easy to operate and control. An MA Lighting MA-Net2 software protocol was deployed to manage the grandMA2 console and NPU processor – the house control system.