Videotron Flagship Store


A UNIQUE staircase in North America!

Videotron’s new flagship store on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal offers a jaw-dropping multimedia experience for customers. The high-tech equipment was integrated and managed by Solotech and interactive IT firm ITESmedia.

A striking staircase to impress and attract customers

The key element of this project is the 26-step staircase into which Solotech integrated LED (4.7mm) tiles for generating video content, thus creating a continually changing, full-motion graphic show.

The impressive multimedia staircase, leading to the second floor, stands out day and night. Equipped with 150 HD LED screens, the structure is unique in North America and is one of the store’s biggest attractions. Only Rome and Hong Kong can boast a similar design element. On the second floor, two soundproof glass booths, each equipped with 85 in. screens allow consumers to enjoy an HD experience on

A giant smartphone at the entrance allows people to send text messages as well as take selfies and videos of themselves and send them via email.

Countertop touch screens at six mobile phone bars let customers choose their user profile (like student or globetrotter), and then browse featured phones, specifications and rate plans. The interactions are all activated by touchscreens and embedded RFID readers.