Custom digital display solutions for real-time communication of COVID-19 guidelines or other instructions, in any business or public location.

Outdoor digital screens are essential these days! They offer numerous functionalities and possibilities:

Messages communicated in real time to your customers, visitors or citizens: bus schedules, sanitary and distancing regulations to be respected, waiting times depending on current traffic, etc.
Installation of one or several screens on a custom kiosk with integrated security equipment such as speakers, emergency intercom, security camera, or even sensors calculating the numbers of visitors in a store, and more!
Popular tools and services offered: maps on touch screens, free Wi-Fi, cellphone charging ports, etc.
Sale of strategically located advertising spaces.

Versatile • Robust • High resolution • Custom • Multifunctional

Screen types and options

– Several screen sizes available, each offering excellent resolution.
– Perfect for an outdoor environment, up to -30oC.
– Option to display outdoors while keeping the device in an indoor structure.
– Double-sided display: messages on both sides of the screen.
– Personalized products: styles, colors, additional equipment, content, etc.

Content management software – An essential addition!

We also offer the software to deliver all your multimedia content. Use a single source to have everything you need for your outdoor digital signage project: take advantage of Solotech’s 360o approach!

Automate your communications with ITESLIVE software

  • Automate the distribution and management of your messages, where you want, when you want.
  • Connectivity with different databases allowing you to update information in real-time: bus schedules, latest news, event promotion, etc.
  • Quick and easy content modification of your display network.
  • User access management.
  • Compatible with all types of devices and platforms.

Current offer!

Try ITESLIVE software for FREE for 30 days.

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Why choose Solotech?

  • Large selection of quality screens from renowned manufacturers.
  • Custom solutions that meet your exact needs.
  • Turnkey services: Solotech has the RBQ certifications to carry out your civil work projects, electric, telephone and camera installations, Wi-Fi integration, etc.
  • Excellent technical service.
  • Option available for equipment maintenance and real-time equipment monitoring, see our Service+ for more details.

We also have a selection of indoor digital display solutions, including the highly versatile Theatrixx Totem. Fully autonomous, it can be used with a freestanding structure (with locking casters), installed on a wall, or suspended from the ceiling in any angle.

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We will help you create dynamic communications, advertisements or instructions related to COVID-19: outdoor digital signage is the solution for you!
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