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5 Benefits of Hosting Corporate Events 

With Solotech’s live production expertise, your event will deliver more impact than your competition.

Solotech adds the “wow” effect to your business events   

Who says you can't communicate clearly while also dazzling the crowd?

Discover 2023’s Trending Workstyles

Keep Your Teams Connected - No Matter Where You Work

Worship Technology Strategies for Spaces Old and New

From Grade 1 listed Cathedrals to the modern, custom-built ‘Mega Church’, here’s what to consider when looking to invest in a future-proof scalable system

Must-have conferencing technology for the hybrid work model

The hybrid work model looks like it’s here to stay. If you're an IT professional, CEO, Procurement Manager, or Estate Manager, you don’t want to miss this boat.

Canada’s 2022 Festival Season: A Symbol of Renewal

For the first time in three years, Canada’s festival season will allow us to get back to some semblance of normality in the holding of large-scale musical events.

Event planning: a world of new possibilities

Event planning is a booming industry of spectacle and community — and ordinary just won’t do anymore. Find out how our expertise provides the “wow” factor.

7 steps to increase productivity on videoconference calls

Find out how to ensure an optimal connection between professionals by improving hybrid working.

AVL technology to bring a creative vision to life

Find out how Audio, Video and Lighting are making a real impact within the entertainment, arts and attractions industries by pushing innovation further.