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Canada’s 2022 Festival Season: A Symbol of Renewal

For the first time in three years, Canada’s festival season will allow us to get back to some semblance of normality in the holding of large-scale musical events.

After two years of changing, postponing, and even canceling festivals, this new 2022 season will be held under the sign of renewal, and it could be a legitimate turning point for the industry. After being sidelined for the last two years, our Live Productions team is ready to meet the high demand and pumped to get the machine rolling again.

“It’s great news: there will be many opportunities for Solotech,” said Jerome Dussault, Sales Director, Quebec, Live Productions Division. “We are getting back to a classic formula, very experiential. Events and festivals want to impress.”

A new, more efficient approach

This forced break allowed Solotech to rethink its working methods. Now, the company’s experts focus even more on customer support.

“We now have an upstream customer approach,” explains Nicolas Labbé, Senior Technical Specialist at Solotech. “This method involves both the event designers and Solotech representatives. It allows everyone to prepare better and thus simplify the process.”

“Everybody wins when we can work in prevention rather than in reaction,” adds Jerome Dussault. “You can make better decisions when you have time.” This approach allows everyone to get more creative. 

"Solotech is a company that knows how to adapt to the different situations during the events, thanks to its specialist team. We are very proud to count them among our partners."


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Classic formula with expanded possibilities

Things getting back to normal is excellent news for everyone. However, Solotech has no intention to deny its virtual technologies expertise acquired over the past years.

“It will evolve, change from what we have known, but virtual technologies are here to stay,” assured Alexandre Miasnikof, Head of Virtual Events at Solotech.

As much among event organizers and festivalgoers, we feel a strong desire to return to a classic formula focused on the on-site user experience. The available technological services include multimedia content production for promotional purposes, VIP packages, and live or delayed broadcasts of the event, thus breaking down physical and geographical barriers.

“The festivalgoer is there to live the experience,” continues Alexandre Miasnikof. “Technology allows us to reach a clientele who would not attend the event on-site. We can meet the demand for online broadcasts, for example, of an event in Montreal for people in Vancouver.”

Solotech’s Media and Entertainment Technology team also anticipates a growing demand for the addition of extended reality technologies to special events and festivals. Thus, Solotech is working hard to position itself to lead the parade, support its customers, and meet their technological needs.

"The dedication, the adaptability, and the reflex of their employees to always do better fit into our philosophy of creating a memorable, professional, and unique experience for our festivalgoers."



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