A unique offering ensuring the optimal performance of your equipment
24/7, in virtual mode for peace of mind

Service+ gives you many benefits including the prevention of interruption of your operations and the reduction of costs associated with the transportation and management of your equipment, regardless of the supplier or installer of your equipment!

As a partner, we want to make a real contribution to the success of your company by working actively on your behalf before any issues occur.


A real-time monitoring of your audiovisual equipment, ensuring it’s functioning at all times and enabling the proactive detection of anomalies.


By monitoring the status of your equipment continuously, and instantly detecting problems through automated alerts, our team of specialist technicians take care of the situation for a quick remote resolution.


Efficient assistance at your convenience: virtually, by phone, etc. Our expert team is available to meet your needs for remote or on-site support.


Customized data compilation of your equipment and your needs. Simultaneous monitoring of the resolution actions undertaken on site by the Service+ technical team.


Visualization of statistical reports for a thorough understanding of equipment status and usage trends. Consulting approach to maximize the use of your equipment and optimize your budget forecasts.

Choosing Solotech’s Service+ means complete peace of mind for you!

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A simple and flexible solution adaptable to your environment; offering you the security of 100% functional equipment, at all times.