The structure supporting your audiovisual equipment is the cornerstone of your event’s success. Our rigging solutions are the most versatile and reliable in the industry, and they can lift monumental loads. Whether for stage rigging, show rigging, hoisting or lifting, choose to do business with a world leader in audiovisual equipment.

Our riggers are dedicated to providing you with adaptable, custom-made, mobile structures that meet industry safety standards. They will lay out and plan the rigging, detail the work and equipment required, and then meticulously assemble the rigging package. You can be assured of a safely installed rigging structure.

From concept to completion, and the transport in-between, attention to detail, safety and cost-efficiency, these rigging services place us on top of the list.

Solotech - Rigging

Our Rigging solutions

Through careful planning and preparation, best in class equipment and accessories, including motors, hoists, truss and control. Solotech’s certified rigging professionals can be trusted to execute even the most complex structural designs, safely. Our stage and show rigging systems are among the safest in the world.

We can take care of all the rigging for your event. From trusses and motors to structures and fall protection systems, let Solotech handle the rigging for your event!


Solotech - Rigging

Trusses and accessories

Solotech - Rigging

Chain motors and hoists

Solotech - Rigging

Ground support structures

Solotech - Rigging

Fall protection systems

Solotech - Rigging

Safety inspections and Certifications

Solotech - Rigging

Custom structure solutions

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For all your stage rigging, show rigging, hoisting and lifting needs, nothing beats the expertise and experience of Solotech! Contact us now.