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Organize an impressive and safe event with our customized rigging equipment, operated by our team of certified riggers.

Our trusted rigging capabilities provide structural safety ensured by our team of best in the business certified riggers. From concept to completion, and the transport in-between, attention to detail, safety and cost-efficiency puts Solotech rigging above the rest.

The structure supporting your audiovisual components, and at the core of any entertainment technology rig, is the foundation of your event or tour’s success. Our rigging solutions are the most reliable and versatile in the industry. Our certified riggers create scalable, customized, mobile structures that comply with the industry’s safety standards. They will lay out and plan the rigging, detail the work and equipment required, and then meticulously assemble the rigging package. You can be assured of a safely installed rigging structure that rises above industry standards.


Our rigging solutions

Through careful planning and preparation, attention to detail and best in class equipment and accessories, including motors, hoists, truss and control, Solotech’s certified rigging professionals can be trusted to execute even the most complex structural designs, safely.

Motors and hoists



Rigging control systems

Fall protection systems

Custom-made truss and accessories

Meticulous preparation and reliable execution

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