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Curtains and drapery are a must, they should not be overlooked!

Combined with video, lighting, audio and rigging, our expertise in soft goods offers customers a comprehensive service. With a wide variety of products, Solotech can add a distinguished touch to any design, for any event.


Solotech - Soft Goods

Our Soft Goods Solutions

Our products are made primarily from two types of materials: flame retardant curtain fabrics, which are flame resistant even with wear and tear, age or frequent washing, and high performance textiles, which are used in the manufacture of special protective covers (e.g. motorized headlamps, roofs, carts, transport bags).

Solotech - Soft Goods

Velvet and Sheer

Solotech - Soft Goods

Custom Draperies and Track Systems

Solotech - Soft Goods

Maintenance and Repairs

Solotech - Soft Goods

Weather Protective Covers

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