Fully Equipped Professional Studios Rental


Rely on Solotech’s expertise to deliver your message from our professional studios.
Reach your target audience by live-streaming or record your message at our studios! 
Let us accompany you with a turnkey service combining our dynamic team’s expertise and our high-quality equipment. 

Business meeting • Training session • Gala • Conference • Artistic/musical performance Networking activity • Annual meeting • Exhibition • Product launch • Convention

  • Broadcast on various platforms, live or pre-recorded.
  • Multiple rooms at the same time.
  • Recording.
  • Private or public webcasting via a secure connection.
  • Limited or unlimited audience.
  • Real-time interaction.
  • Interactive platform partners.

Our Studios’ Features 

Leverage the versatility of our facilities to bring your vision to life. 
Our expertise combined with multiple customization options will ensure a final rendering that aligns with your vision. Here is an overview of the features available in our professional studios: 

  •  High-quality, end-to-end professional equipment (lighting, audio, video, etc.).
  • Experienced team to assist you throughout your project.
  • 100% customizable set design. 
  • Optional à la carte equipment/services.


5200 Hochelaga Street
Montreal, QC H1V 1G3 

  • Green screen for virtual settings.
  • Lounge area for participants.
  • Available furniture on site.
  • Shared workspace accessible during filming.
  • Wi-Fi available.
  • Free parking.

Quebec City 

84 Dalhousie Street, Suite 104
Quebec City, QC G1K 4C4 

  • Located in the Cruise Terminal’s event space in the Port of Quebec.  
  • Additional space to welcome guests in person.
  • Optional turnkey service (reception and food).
  • Basic configuration for two studios.
  • Choice of furniture and décor.


2675 Du Royaume Blvd
Saguenay, QC G7S 5B8

  • Located in the Centre des congrès at Hôtel Delta Saguenay by Marriott. 
  • Additional space to welcome guests in person.
  • Optional turnkey service by the Delta (reception and food).
  • Choice of furniture.


324 Horner Ave, Unit A
Etobicoke, ON M8W 1Z3

  • Easy access from major highways.
  • Green screen for virtual settings.
  • Shared workspace accessible during filming.
  • Additional space to welcome guests in person.


Will your virtual or hybrid event take place in another location than Solotech Studios?
No problem! Take advantage of our professional service and our state-of-the-art equipment, on the road, whether or not you need to rent the studios.

  • High-performance computers and software.
  • Cameras (robotic, studio, HD, or 4K).
  • Microphones and complete audio mixing.
  • Stage and studio lighting.
  • Teleprompters.