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Whether you are staging a sporting event, a theatre performance, or an important press conference, the quality of sound and acoustics could make or break your event. Solotech brings countless years of experience to its acoustics solutions, offering expert installation of the highest quality Public Address (PA) systems, surround-sound speakers, sound diffusion panels, audio consoles and more.

For turnkey acoustic design or problem-solving solutions for very specific needs, Solotech always delivers.

Our Audio and Acoustic Solutions

You simply cannot find a more qualified or insightful team when it comes to audio systems and acoustic solutions. Our specialists provide clever solutions that meet the highest industry standards, using only the most reliable and state-of-the-art equipment available.

PA Systems

A high-quality PA system , otherwise known as a sound reinforcement system, is an essential tool for countless types of audio transmission. From simple grocery store announcements to major sporting events, there is no project too big or too small. Our top-quality , user-friendly PA systems are the clear choice.

Solotech - Audio Systems and Acoustics

Audio Systems

Simplified system integration, possibility for system expansion, intricate design, and superior equipment: these are some of the reasons why a Solotech audio solution is second-to-none. For commercial spaces or larger venues, impeccable sound quality, reliability, and service are within reach.

Solotech - Audio Systems and Acoustics

Intercommunication Systems

There is an intricate web of communication that happens behind the scenes at any performance or event. Solotech offers all the necessary equipment to connect a producer to team members, including technician consoles and headsets, with different channels to speak to lighting, sound and video crews.

Solotech - Audio Systems and Acoustics

Architectural and Electronic Acoustics

It can be quite complex to achieve the ideal architectural design for acoustics, but thanks to Solotech’s creative solutions, it is always possible to overcome such challenges. Our specialists strive for the highest acoustic sound level, modifying frequency response using state-of-the-art electronic devices and equipment.

Solotech - Audio Systems and Acoustics

Immersive and Surround Sound Systems

The Solotech team thrives on designing the ideal speaker set-up and calibrating every acoustic angle to perfection. Each space has unique requirements and challenges, and we know every available protocol inside and out. From mixing boards and surround-sound speakers to programming calibration, we’ve got you covered.

Solotech - Audio Systems and Acoustics

Studios – Recording and Broadcasting

Solotech experts know their way around every category of recording and broadcasting studios. Our technicians integrate microphones, wireless systems, sophisticated consoles, often paired with lighting, video projection and LED walls — a comprehensive approach for capturing and broadcasting high-quality sound and video.


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Solotech - Audio Systems and Acoustics

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