Control. Security. Reliability.

These are the cornerstones of the command and control centre solutions from Solotech.

Public and private institutions like Hydro-Quebec, Videotron, Montreal International Airport and other transit companies, police and emergency control centres, and countless others have come to rely on us for turnkey control centre systems. There is no room for error in these high-stakes critical environments.

Our highly-trained specialists will design, install and offer support from video walls and operator consoles to interactive screens and security cameras, all with keen expertise and discretion.

Our Command and Control Centres Solutions

A significant level of thought goes into each control and command centres setup. Our teams scrutinize room size, lighting, physical restrictions, number of screens, content sources, and more. When you choose Solotech, you are guaranteed to work with an experienced team you can trust.

Solotech - Command and control centers

Mission Critical 24/7 Applications

These mission-critical control centres must operate without fail, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no downtime. Supply your team with expert-installed control systems that include reliable, efficient, and top-quality AV equipment.

Solotech - Command and control centers

Emergency Operations Centres

When lives are at stake, 100% reliability is the only option. We supply emergency dispatch centres like 911, local police, fire stations and other essential emergency services with the equipment necessary to respond quickly and securely. Solotech is known for its in-depth knowledge and the most reliable equipment, including dispatch consoles, large tracking screens and live audio/video feed.

Solotech - Command and control centers

Transportation Operations Centres

With cameras on railway tracks, runways, highways and more, transportation operation centres are responsible for tracking and protecting many commuters and moving parts. Your Solotech operation centre solution will guarantee real-time monitoring and communications features that keep your security team in the driver’s seat.

Solotech - Control and command centers

Distribution and Operation Centres

All eyes may be focused on the large digital map at the front of the room, but one can truly appreciate a distribution and operation centre system from behind the scenes. Solotech empowers each operator, even those at different locations, to access and share content with ease, clarity, and total security.

Solotech - Command and control centers

Monitoring Centres

Solotech is your technology partner for keeping tabs. Our teams have installed countless monitoring systems in environments as varied as corporate head offices, government buildings, theme parks and shopping centres. From security cameras to security office monitors, these solutions allow you to oversee vast areas with ease.

Solotech - Control and command centers

Network Operations Centres (NOC)

We know it’s all about the big picture for these operations centres! Whether you monitor and control city water services or need a global view of your fibre network infrastructure, your team deserves a crystal-clear video display and a personalized, reliable system setup.

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