From live entertainment venues to theme parks, sports venues, and places of worship, our projection and video specialists are always several steps ahead of your needs. Whether you are looking for a ‘‘wow’’ effect with video mapping, the clearest video image possible on a very large screen, or simply need a reliable and efficient video capture and streaming set up, we’ve got you covered.

We work closely with our clients to satisfy needs and collaborate in a way that can take a project to exciting new levels. Every LED screen, digital sign, electronic scoreboard or video wall is another opportunity to impress audiences, and our clients, with flawless technology and customer support.

Projection and Video Solutions

Solotech projection and video solutions specialists are highly trained on the equipment they select for your projects. This means you are getting an intelligent and reliable solution supported by top industry specialists. Solotech’s customer service and technical savvy is second to none.

Direct View LED Screens

Looking for a seamless and stunning LED screen experience in full HD resolution? Solotech direct view LED screen solutions can be found at live entertainment venues, in corporate settings, and even in houses of worship. Get a bigger bang for your buck with an LED solution and take advantage of our extensive technology expertise.

Electronic Scoreboards and Ribbon Boards

When the game is tied and everyone is rooting for their team, make sure the Solotech tech team is on your side. A sturdy setup and reliable system installation are key for electronic scoreboards and ribbon keyboards. When we call upon our trusted equipment partners, it’s always a winning collaboration.

Digital Signage

Digital signage has become an important and ubiquitous channel of communication in our modern digital landscape. Choose Solotech to ensure that your signage system works flawlessly in any environment. Work closely with our specialists as you consider screen size, technical needs, structure, placement, and more.

Digital Display and Video Walls

Let Solotech help you create impressive displays that get noticed. Build eye-catching digital displays and video walls that are hard to miss, even in crowded locations like amusement parks and sports stadiums. Whether you need to share information or entertainment content, the experienced Solotech digital display team will know which solution best meets your needs.

Video Projection and Mapping

Floor-to-ceiling video projection can be breathtaking if done right. Our Solotech video projection and mapping specialists will study your projection environment and suggest the best equipment, setup and back end to make your audiovisual creative vision a reality. Projecting onto challenging spaces and buildings? We’ve got you covered.

Media Servers and Processing

When millions of bites of information are travelling through your servers each day, one slight hiccup could cause significant issues. Enable your IT team with a professionally integrated system that can process increasing volumes of media anywhere, anytime. Our experienced technical team is always ready to serve.


Whether streaming a live event or broadcasting a recorded one, you need a seamless and reliable way to broadcast your content. Solotech broadcasting specialists use only the highest quality broadcast equipment, working closely with you to provide the service and support that your project requires.

Video Capture and Streaming

Content creation is only one piece in the audiovisual production puzzle. You need a seamless and reliable way to capture your content. Whether it’s for your virtual event, conference, or commercial, trust the Solotech savvy team!


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