Solotech - Smart cities and buildings

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Cities worldwide are using technology to collect data and communicate helpful and often critical information to their citizens. Solotech offers turnkey smart city solutions and systems that are compatible with your LEED-certified buildings. Our specialists understand the unique demands of intelligent transport, smart parking, wayfinding and smart building integration. For cities big and small, our intelligent solutions will save you money in the long term and revolutionize the way you collect and disseminate data daily.

Our Smart Cities and Buildings Solutions

Solotech will deliver complete and seamlessly connected solutions to bring your city into the next century, from the graphic user interface on your control center system screens to high-tech sensors, visual displays, and other essential equipment.

Solotech - Smart cities and buildings

Smart Building Integration

The expression ‘if these walls could talk’ is no longer hypothetical. Think about lights automatically switching off when a room is empty, room temperature adjusted based on weather conditions, or fire alarms and public address (PA) announcements activated automatically. With smart building integration from Solotech, you can dynamically control heating, lighting, and security using discreet sensors, touch screens and more.

Solotech - Smart cities and buildings

Intelligent Transport Systems

Give commuters a next-level travel experience with our intelligent transport systems. From solar or electric panel screens that show exact bus location, real-time flight information and emergency displays to Wi-Fi access and mobile access points, we have everything you need to share vital information fast.

Solotech - Smart cities and buildings

Smart Parking

A smart parking solution is much more than a number display. Solotech specialists will set up a control center that can send information to dynamically update parking lot maps and vacant spots in real-time, along with essential security and emergency information, whether it’s for an entire city, an underground parking or a parking deck, public or private.

Solotech - Smart cities and buildings


Wayfinding screens are an invaluable tool for occupants and visitors alike for endless applications: restaurants, subway stops, bike share stations, etc. Working closely with your teams, Solotech will install a dynamic system that can communicate with different data sources to ensure that information is always up to date, whether at the building entrance or on a street corner.

Solotech - Smart cities and buildings

Smart Cities Technologies

Improve operations and equip your city with effortless, real-time communication thanks to a turnkey smart city solution. Any city can strategically guide and inform its citizens through multiple touchpoints about emergencies, construction detours, parking, events and much more. We have all the solutions to collect and communicate information: digital or touch screens, sensors, cameras, emergency intercoms.

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