Technological solutions in response to COVID-19

Solotech has made every effort to support you during and after the exceptional COVID-19 situation we are experiencing. We want to offer you real peace of mind thanks to the best solutions and service teams and thus support you in the continuity of your operations.

Now is the perfect time to plan everything you need to deliver the same level of service and quality for your business activities. Safety, prevention and efficiency are at the heart of our multiple technological solutions!

Detection Systems – Thermal Camera

Quickly detect people experiencing fever with this all-in-one system, equipped with a touchless thermal camera that scans body temperature within minutes.

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UVC Disinfection Lamps

Keep your work areas and surfaces free of viruses, bacteria and mold by safely and effectively disinfecting them with UVC lamps.

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Mobile Videoconferencing Cart

Organize your videoconferences quickly, wherever you want. No installation technician required! Kit includes monitor, camera, sound bar, cables and cart.

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ezoBord Work Zone Dividers

Ensure effective distancing in your workspaces and reception areas with ezoBord’s acoustic panels. Protect the health of your employees, clients, and partners.

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Indoor Digital Signage

Choose high-quality screens and platforms to quickly draw attention to your message or product in your company or store. Inform your clients or employees at all times.

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Our support service aims to prevent any interruptions of your operations as well as reduce your costs. Solotech can assist you remotely via videoconference.

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Preventive Equipment Maintenance Plans

Be ready at all times: ensure the optimal functionality and sustainability of your systems thanks to our various preventive maintenance plans offered at competitive rates!

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Webcasting Services and Solutions

Keep in touch at all times with your employees or viewers. Thanks to webcasting, the sky is the limit! Studio, state-of-the-art equipment, specialized crews, etc.

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Outdoor Digital Signage

Custom digital displays: an essential communication tool that provides, in real time, various COVID-19 guidelines or any other information, in any public space.

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Personal telecommuting kits

Find the perfect solution for your remote meetings and conferences among our range of professional and efficient equipment.

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Healthcare Industry – Mobile Videoconferencing Cart

Choose a space-saving, mobile solution designed for the healthcare industry. This highly customizable cart meets the needs of modern medicine by offering ergonomic comfort for a wide variety of professions.

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Kairos Social Distancing Alert Systems

Prevent contagion with intelligent, scalable tools that detect the distance between individuals in real time and issue alerts as needed.


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