Indoor digital signage is the ultimate communication tool if you are looking to advertise, inform or improve customer or employee experience. Versatile and effective for broadcasting various content in real time, these screens help increase the visibility of your messages and your brand.

Several market segments have chosen indoor digital signage!

Hospitals and clinics • Hotels and convention centers • Public transport
Corporate environments • Retail Food service

Interactive disinfectant kiosk

Technology and prevention – a surprising duo that will serve you well in our current context. Given the focus on compliance with sanitary measures, we offer indoor digital signs that display instructions on a modern platform, as well as provide access to handwashing.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight, freestanding or wall-mounted kiosk.
  • Large 22’’ LG screen.
  • Integrated touchless disinfectant dispenser.
  • Personalized section for your logo and header.
  • High-quality manufactured decorative structure.
  • Easily interchangeable content.
  • Eco-friendly: consumes little energy.

* Content management software also available, click here.

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Theatrixx Totem 2.5 MM

This freestanding, fully autonomous, digital signage display is the perfect tool to clearly communicate all instructions related to COVID-19, advertise your current promotion, or showcase a new product. Wow effect guaranteed!

Features and benefits

  • High brightness, direct-view LED display for excellent readability.
  • Integrated media player.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Quick and easy programming.
  • Easily interchangeable content.
  • Lightweight, with locking casters or wall mount.
  • Strong plexiglass protective cover.

* Content management software also available, click here.

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*Content management software – An essential addition!

We also offer the software to deliver all your multimedia content. Use a single source to have everything you need for your indoor digital signage project: take advantage of Solotech’s 360o approach!

Automate your communications with ITESLIVE software 

  • Automate the distribution and management of your messages, where you want, when you want.
  • Connectivity with different databases allowing you to update information, such as performance indicators, statistics or projections, in real-time.
  • Quick and easy content modification of your display network.
  • User access management.
  • Compatible with all types of devices and platforms.

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We will help you create dynamic communications, corporate messages or instructions related to COVID-19: indoor digital signage is the solution for you!