UVC disinfection systems* - anti-COVID-19

Quickly disinfect the air and interior surfaces using antibacterial UV lamps

Luxibel Ultraviolet Light (UVC) disinfection lamp systems offer a reliable and long-lasting solution by eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungal and mold spores from the air and on surfaces in just 15 minutes (variable time).

Available in fixed or mobile installation, these lamps are ideal for protecting your employees and customers as well as preventing the transmission of COVID-19 in all types of enclosed spaces such as:

Schools – Businesses – Supermarkets – Hospitals – Warehouses
Public transportation – Public and government buildings

Antibacterial  •  Antivirus  •  Antifungal  •  Anti-mold

Products Included

– Autonomous device with lamps.
– Moving sensor (circuit breaker) and visual and audible alarms activated when the lamp is on, for double security.
– Accessories available (fixing pieces, wireless control, filters).

Multiple benefits

Fast-acting: 15 to 30 minutes is sufficient in most cases.
Easy to use and high efficiency purification solution.
Several models available.
Installed by Solotech’s professional technicians.
Security system with a unique double protection mechanism (moving sensor, visible light and audible alert).
Safe for the environment.
Low power consumption and low-maintenance.
Technical support available.

Also available!
GOLDENSEA mobile UV disinfection unit

Products included

– Autonomous device on wheels, easy to move.
– Circuit breaker tilt and motion sensors, and audible alarm.
– Touch or wireless controls.


Easy to use and versatile thanks to its mobility.
Eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
Disinfection duration based on room size: 60 minutes – 120 m2 / 120 minutes – 240 m2 / 180 minutes – 360 m2.
No installation required.
Very safe :
– Integrated motion sensor: detection within 5 meters of the device automatically turns off the lamp and emits an audible alarm;
– Automatic shutdown when the unit tilts over 45 degrees.
Safe for the environment and without residue.
Technical support available.

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* Never activate these devices in the presence of a person or an animal. Refer to the complete safety instructions provided with the product.