Indoor digital signage is the ultimate communication tool if you are looking to advertise, inform or improve customer or employee experience. Versatile and effective for broadcasting various content in real-time, these screens help increase the visibility of your messages and your brand.

Several market segments have chosen indoor digital signage!

Hospitals and clinics • Hotels and convention centers • Public transport
Corporate environments • Retail Food service

Interactive disinfectant kiosk

Technology and prevention – a surprising duo that will serve you well in our current context. Given the focus on compliance with sanitary measures, we offer indoor digital signs that display instructions on a modern platform, as well as provide access to handwashing.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight, freestanding or wall-mounted kiosk.
  • Large 22’’ LG screen.
  • Integrated touchless disinfectant dispenser.
  • Personalized section for your logo and header.
  • High-quality manufactured decorative structure.
  • Easily interchangeable content.
  • Eco-friendly: consumes little energy.

Theatrixx Totem 2.5 MM

This freestanding, fully autonomous, digital signage display is the perfect tool to clearly communicate all instructions related to COVID-19, advertise your current promotion, or showcase a new product. Wow effect guaranteed!

Features and benefits

  • High brightness, direct-view LED display for excellent readability.
  • Integrated media player.
  • Wireless communication.
  • Quick and easy programming.
  • Easily interchangeable content.
  • Lightweight, with locking casters or wall mount.
  • Strong plexiglass protective cover.