Globally recognized contributions to tours and musical events

We have a deep understanding of a live production’s unique needs thanks to more than 45 years of experience. Solotech always leaves its mark in impressive fashion on live music and entertainment events. Whether it’s an intimate performance or a stadium tour, Solotech goes above and beyond to make a lasting impression. We’re passionate about providing smart and intuitive entertainment solutions for these markets:

Who we serve

Concerts and Tours

We contribute to a plethora of concerts around the world, from single performances to worldwide tours. No matter the scale or scope of your music, the Solotech team offers an impeccable experience for artists, teams, and audiences. Our strength lies in our ability to create unique and customized packages using our best-in-class video, audio, lighting, and rigging solutions. Find everything you need at Solotech to meet the needs of your artist and audience!

Music Festivals

The madness, the fantasy, the magic – the thunderous applause reflects the coming together of dancers and technicians, animals and engineers, acrobats and designers. The team of experts at Solotech makes it a point, both on the road or on site, to support circus art through carefully selected high-performance equipment capturing every color, every movement, every emotion. You can rely on Solotech to embrace the complexity of the visual elements that are constantly changing and make every event shine, every time!

We have developed trusted relationships with many top artists in the music industry.

From rehearsals to performances, we do it all. Whether it be for an emerging artist or an established international performer, we offer comprehensive and specialized services in audio, video, lighting, rigging and soft goods.

A world-renowned leader 

As a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology, our results speak for themselves. Solotech was awarded the 2022 Parnelli Award for Video Production Company of the Year, and has been nominated for and won numerous other Parnelli Awards, the highest honours in the live production industry. Solotech has been recognized for working with top artists, won awards for various individual events, and been nominated for many others. You can view our full list of awards and achievements here.


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