Cutting-edge technology for can’t miss attractions

It takes extraordinary vision, creativity and dedication to bring large-scale entertainment experiences to life. Thanks to our world-renowned expertise in audiovisual solutions for live performances, Solotech is the ideal partner to take any theme park, museum exhibit or attraction to the next level.

Our specialists will carefully choose innovative technology to create unforgettable multi-sensorial experiences for zoo exhibits, big-name theme park attractions, recreation centres, tourist attractions and much more.

Who we serve

Theme Parks

The most memorable theme park attractions take full advantage of audiovisual technology for truly immersive storytelling. Solotech has teamed up with the world’s biggest theme park companies to create turnkey audiovisual designs that integrate lighting, massive wrap-around digital screens, and heart-pumping surround sound. We are your theme park specialists, from concept to completion.


The possibilities are endless when creating meaningful, beautiful, and educational experiences for museum exhibits. Our specialists can help you bring exhibit content to life with interactive kiosks, specialized video screens for any size space, and an audio system tailored to spaces of varying sizes and audiences. For permanent collections or exhibits that travel the world, count on our team for innovative audiovisual solutions.

Tourist Attractions

When our clients have big ideas, we have big solutions. Our team has brought immense roadside monuments to life with lights and sound, imprinting a sense of wonder in all visitors. Many tourist attractions are outdoors, which means our audiovisual and lighting technology is ready to wow in any weather condition. Call on our specialists for a seamless, reliable and creative solution.

Aquariums and Zoos

Setting up audiovisual equipment in an environment with live mammals and sea creatures takes particular expertise. The Solotech team has extensive experience working with aquariums and zoos and has developed an in-depth understanding of the needs and limitations of these unique environments. With that in mind, our specialists delight in creating an exciting and educational experience for the visitors, including audiovisual solutions for shows, interactive kiosks, and more.

Recreative Centres and Interactive Spaces

Family entertainment spaces are evolving and so is the audiovisual technology that fuels each experience. How can Solotech help you attract visitors to your recreation centre and keep them coming back for more? With floor-to-ceiling screens for branded content, interactive displays, audio control to create different moods in play and dining areas, and so much more. Let Solotech support you as you create an exciting recreation destination.

Movie Theaters

Streaming services and home theatres have changed the landscape for theatre owners. Solotech can help you fill seats with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and create an unbeatable experience thanks to extensive live performance expertise. With a cleverly placed heart-pumping sound system, we can ensure that your audience won’t want to watch movies anywhere else.


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