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Philip Giffard interview with SCN: An overview of Solotech’s success story

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Philip Giffard, Global President, Sales and Systems Integration Division, enthusiastically discusses Solotech’s 45 years of success.

Montreal, February 7, 2023 – Philip Giffard recently sat down with Systems Contractor News (SCN) to discuss – among other topics – milestones Solotech has reached over the past 45 years, the different strategies it has adopted to succeed, and the future of the audiovisual industry. This insightful article is not only a very interesting read, but it also sheds light on Solotech’s avant-garde vision.

“Our first consideration is stabilizing and growing the business in the face of ongoing labor and equipment shortages, as well as pursuing our organic growth and diversification initiatives. In our 45th year, every decision made is to ensure we keep it going for at least 45 more years.”

Read the full article here.

Source: Executive Q&A: A 45-Year Success Story, par Mark J. Pescatore (Systems Contractor News)





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