Arcade Fire – Reflektor Tour

  • Multiple Locations
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Complete audio system from L-AcousticsK1 & K2 large format WST line sourcesKara modular WST line sourcesARCS constant curvature WST line sourcesSB28 high-power subwoofersLA8 amplifiers108P self-powered compact coaxialsSB15P self-powered LF extensions

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour – musical versatility!

For its Reflektor Tour, Arcade Fire wanted to push the envelope with sonically adventurous arrangements and also feature a wide range of instruments, including harp, mandolin, keyboard, glockenspiel and more!

Solotech demonstrated its expertise and know-how with a particular focus on L-Acoustics K1 and K2 audio equipment

“I was very impressed with the K2, by its seamless integration into a K1 rig as side-hangs, but also by its performance as a standalone PA in smaller venues, where I felt its wider dispersion was well suited to venues where a shorter throw was necessary,” noted Warren, who has also mixed FOH for Radiohead, Peter Gabriel and Nine Inch Nails over the years.

Solotech also deployed left and right main arrays of 14 K1 enclosures, each with 6 KARA. Eight K1-SB subs were flown on the outside of each main array, with a total of 16 SB-28 subs ground stacked below for low-end punch. Six additional KARA were positioned across the deck. Sixteen ARCS were flown as a full 360-degree “donut” over the B stage. A total of 52 LA-8 amplified controllers were used. Three self-powered 108P and one SB-15P at FOH for nearfield monitoring.