The Curb Event Centre

  • Nashville, TN, USA
Entire speaker systemFlown center clusterDSP program and system configuration

A Helping Hand

Located in the heart of Music City, Belmont University is a mecca for those aspiring to a career in the music business. The Curb Event Center is the hub for many of Belmonts on-campus activities its aging speaker system was not able to handle the demands placed on it. At a university that acts as a training ground for future studio and road technicians, the system was not able to provide accurate and clear audio to the students and faculty that use the Event Center.

Fortunately, InteRise was able to help. General Manager, Philip Hagood, had first-hand knowledge of the space and the team at Belmont from his time as a student there. Belmont came to InteRise and needed a fix for the system that did not impact the busy schedule of the arena but also corrected their issues using the equipment Belmont already had installed.

Providing Solutions

InteRise reconditioned the entire speaker system, added a flown center cluster and provided a temporary solution for Belmont during their summer graduation without negatively impacting the pre-existing schedule for the arena. This included removal and refurbishment of 30 speaker clusters at the InteRise HQ in Nashville. Additionally, a new DSP program and system configuration was implemented upon reinstallation that allowed for significantly improved user interface and audio consistency across the room.

From Here to Anywhere

Belmont was able to upgrade the quality of sound in one of their most integral venues with our help. The Curb Event Center speaker system refurbishment was a labor of love that will provide a superior sound experience to students, alumni, musicians, sports fans and more.