Casino de Montréal

  • Montreal, Canada
Sound, lighting and video consolesVideo LED wall of 140 tilesVideo wall of 48 televisionsCeiling and surface speakersAudio and video, television equipment creating six surfaces

A major upgrade project

In order to upgrade the Casino de Montréal, Solotech was contracted to provide, install, integrate, program and implement various multimedia equipment. The scope of the project included all the sound, video broadcasting, display, distribution and control material as well as the audio and video recording equipment.

As a result, new moods, themes and virtual sets are among the outstanding features visitors can now enjoy at the Casino de Montréal.

Additionally, the installation of new multimedia equipment facilitates the display of information related to both marketing and games, enabling all visitors to enjoy a global experience in real time.

While carrying out this installation, Solotech had to overcome many challenges such as working in a building that was open and accessible to the public 24/7. Exceptional coordination measures were necessary to avoid interfering with the Casino’s regular activities and to keep the project moving forward.

Solotech’s work at the Casino de Montréal ensures a rich and more intense visitor experience. Everything combines to stimulate interest among existing customers and increase new customer traffic.