Michael Bublé – To Be Loved Tour

  • Multiple Locations
AudioVideoServices and Approach

Create a warm atmosphere… even in vast venues

Michael Bublé’s endearing charm attracts crowds wherever he goes. The technical challenge of a Bublé show lies mainly in providing high-quality audio and video, so that the sound of his crooner voice, 7 back-up singers and over 20 instruments fill the entire venue, from the front row to way in the back. The tour was being held in major venues, including London’s O2 arena for 10 sold-out concerts in front of 16,000 spectators each night.

Incredible sound and visuals

To ensure top-quality acoustics, a sound system was designed from scratch for the tour by FOH Engineer Craig Doubet, in collaboration with Solotech’s David Brazeau, Technical Advisor, and Louis-Philippe Maziade, Tour Systems Tech. A Meyer Sound LEO linear system was deployed using a combination of Galileo Callisto and MICA loudspeakers, mixed by an Avid Profile console with over 96 inputs.

To create an interesting visual environment, the show also required a giant LED screen, 60 feet x 30 feet, built with 300 LED panels, all supplied by Solotech.

“Michael is such an energetic act and the fans love to see him on screen. He has a great one-on-one personality with his audience and makes a very intimate room, even if we’re playing … [for] 20,000 people, and video just helps with that even more. The audience is on the screen, Michael is on the screen and everyone is interacting”, said To Be Loved tour Video Director Kevin Carswell.