Saint-Eustache Town Hall and Globensky mansion

A modern touch for two heritage buildings

Saint-Eustache Town Hall, built-in 1989, and the Globensky Mansion, built between 1861 and 1865, are two heritage buildings in the Laurentides region in Quebec. Solotech was called upon to add a modern touch: LED façade lighting systems with dynamic control and customizable with the simple use of an electronic tablet.

As the city of Saint-Eustache wanted the work to be completed in time for the 2021 municipal election, Solotech had to set a rigorous schedule. From conception to the first illumination of the building facades, the Sales & Systems Integration team worked tirelessly for three weeks to complete the work on time.

’’We did it in a record time! We were also a bit lucky. The suppliers had the required equipment on hand and were able to provide it to us immediately.’’ exclaimed Martin Berthiaume, CTS, Business Development Representative for Solotech.

In addition to the tight deadline, the Solotech team had to contend with the 123 and 156-year-old buildings’ reality and the paramount importance of preserving their visual heritage. ‘’This is the reality of old buildings. They are beautiful but crooked’’, said Simon Gauthier, project manager at Solotech.

‘’The client didn’t want the electronic equipment to be visible, so we developed a custom-made fascia system attached to the exterior walls of the town hall and mansion to conceal the light panels, wires and compensate for the time work on the buildings.’’

— Simon Gauthier, project manager at Solotech

The result? A delighted client and a proud team of experts who took up the challenge of showcasing the architectural richness of these buildings despite time constraints.