Six Invitational

  • Laval, Quebec
Lighting GridROE 5.0 mm LED PanelsTheatrixx LED FloorL-Acoustics PA SystemSolotech Electrical Distribution SystemROE CB5Absen 2,9 mm LED WallsDisguise D3 Media ServersROBE BMFL Lighting Projectors

Esports community’s unmissable annual meeting

During the Six Invitational, the best teams in the world on Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege circuit gather at Place Bell in Laval to compete for the title of ‘World Champions’ and get their hands on a multi-million USD grand prize. In addition to showcasing the best of the best in the esports universe, the Six Invitational puts this tightly woven community in the spotlight. Spectators were also able to enjoy countless complementary activities and had the chance to meet their favorite players and guest influencers. 

A challenge met with flying colors

Mandated to provide all audio, video, lighting, and rigging equipment, the Solotech team worked hard to get everything ready on time. They installed several large screens, an LED stage floor, an L-Acoustics sound system, and lighting fixtures, both for stage lighting and architectural lights around the participating teams’ banners.

“Market growth has led to opportunities for Pro AV System Integrators and staging companies like Solotech to help build both permanent eSports facilities as well as temporary installations using rentals like we did at Place Bell for the annual Rainbow Six Invitational.”

— Robert Tomeo, Events and Corporate Division Vice-President at Solotech

Solotech, a partner in success

Multicolore Projects provided the full production and supply services for the Six Invitational. Louis-David Loyer, its cofounder and executive producer, encapsulates the essence of the partnership when he states, “Solotech is not just a supplier but a partner in success.” This sentiment deeply resonates with both companies, reflecting the commitment and dedication invested in each other’s triumphs. Their journey together has been more than a transactional business relationship; it has been a true partnership leading to remarkable achievements and groundbreaking projects.  

In an industry where long-lasting relationships are rare, Multicolore Projects and Solotech have defied the norm. As Louis-David Loyer aptly puts it, “having long-lasting relationships with partners is rare, but that is something we try to cultivate. It came naturally with Solotech since the start, as it has always been a partnership based on trust.” Trust has been the cornerstone of this collaboration, laying the foundation for seamless communication, creative freedom, and the ability to execute groundbreaking ideas with precision.

“For some, innovation has a lot to do with technology, but working with partners who can help your project perform better, go further, and satisfy your customer – I think that’s another way of doing things that really allows you to innovate, and with Solotech, that’s a possibility we have.” 

Louis-David Loyer, Cofounder and Executive Producer, Multicolore Projects