Temple Baptist Church

  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Main PA: (16) d&b KSLi, (4) d&b SL Subs, (3) 24s, (2) 12s, (11) 44S, (3) B22 Subs, (2) 10D Amplifiers, (2) 30D Amplifiers, (8) 40D Amplifiers, (2) D80 Amplifiers, (2) 8S. QSYS Core 110f Système de moniteur de chœur : (1) moteur de signal DS100 avec logiciel En-Scene, (1) pont réseau audio DS10, (20) 4s, (5) amplificateurs 10D

Each week, hundreds of people from different generations gather inside Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to celebrate their faith. They loudly and clearly express their worship through songs, lyrics, music, and fellowship. Pastor David Whitten says that the worshippers need to feel the enthusiasm that the pastors and performers experience on-stage. “We want people to hear, see, and feel that,” he says. Noticing the need for technology and versatility within the worship center, the church turned to Solotech to upgrade its sound system and choir monitor solutions. This project was part three of a four-phase plan that was designed by Solotech’s team.

A Major Vocal Intelligibility Challenge

Featuring several types of services, including orchestra, choir, different styles of bands, concerts, and songs of worship, Temple Baptist Church required equipment that could be easily adapted to suit each service. The choir loft had been causing problems for the choir, which often struggled to coordinate their singing due to the sound pressure level (SPL). The traditional point source solution had under performed for the choir to hear for many years. Moreover, the pastors were constantly wondering whether the audience could hear their message, which was a key issue for them.

“With many complaints and frustrations arising with our sound system not being able to be intelligible, we knew we had to do something about it,”

— David Kanga, Temple Baptist Church Production Manager.

Solotech partnered with d&b through the design process

After carefully studying the site, determining the church’s needs, and identifying the constraints, Solotech’s team settled on the Soundscape DS100 system and d&b audiotechnik KSLi loudspeakers. This brought immersive mixing to the choir and localization, while also having the cardioid pattern control from the KSL box. It made an enormous impact on the choir loft and the entire room.

Wade Russell, Director of Sales and Systems Integration and Global House of Worship Market Leader at Solotech, says: “In everything we do, we look at innovation. For instance, we were the first to use the d&b Soundscape system in a choir loft”. The new equipment now allows technicians to customize the settings using smaller coaxial speakers, making mixing much easier.

Solotech has been our integrator throughout the project, and the team has been just tremendous to work with,” says Rob Thomas, Worship Pastor of Temple Baptist Church, “I’ve been sitting before this stage for years, and [it’s] never sounded this good,” concludes David Whitten.