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AVL technology to bring a creative vision to life

Find out how Audio, Video and Lighting are making a real impact within the entertainment, arts and attractions industries by pushing innovation further.

When we think about Audio, Video and Lighting in the traditional sense, we often associate it with the corporate sector, LED screens and audio systems for collaboration and communicational purposes, or in theatres where a 2D approach is used to create a show. 

However, an area where AVL is making a real impact is within the entertainment, arts and attractions industries, where sound, vision and light are combined and being developed into an immersive experience, not just for the movie-goer, but anywhere where there is a need to create a better story.

In many ways, this area of AVL is pushing innovation further with demands on using the very best technology available to create the very best immersive experiences.

Initial conversations with clients tend to be very detailed, with the majority knowing exactly what they want to achieve from the experience itself. A common way of doing this is the creation of a Theme Book, which helps deliver the concept of the project by including clear and concise objectives, initial ideas, attraction layout, stylistic approach, video content, lights and the general mood of the experience.


Bringing ideas to life

There are so many possibilities on offer with the latest technology, and many clients are unaware of the applications. We don’t expect them to be up to speed with everything regarding immersive experiences; that’s what we’re here for! Guided by a team of seasoned experts in theatre, live sound, broadcast and corporate sectors, a client can detail any creative vision and Solotech will make sure it comes to life with the best and latest technologies.

“I’m in my element if a client says: I want this to be bigger and better. What can we do to make this happen? It gives us the flexibility to make suggestions along the way that will be incorporated into the specifications from the beginning.”

Once the initial concept has been discussed, packages can be offered based on needs and requirements, along with varying budgets to help deliver the project. By proposing a range of options, the client has a better understanding of the project scope and can make an informed decision. There are some extremely innovative pieces of technology that we can consider to help create the vision and story that the client is trying to capture, which in turn enhances the visitor experience.

There should be a ‘Wow!’ and a finale. Video tends to be ‘the’ thing leading an immersive experience currently, with a focus on innovative use of projections and LED. However, audio is quickly catching up as immersive sound systems become more widely used. This can be found at the Outernet in London where an L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive sound system is used to augment the world’s largest high-resolution wrap-around screens.

With most installations, we’ll create our own networks as part of the process, although some clients have now built their own AV networks to run everything. Generally, once they’ve been created there aren’t a lot of changes with them: the client can be trained to manage them effectively and we can offer support when the need arises. Testing mechanisms can be implemented to verify that a process is in place to ensure every element of the system has been checked in each room every day and that each element of the AVL infrastructure is working.

In addition, Solotech also offers the Service+ Plan, a monitoring software that provides 24-hour, seven days a week, real-time monitoring of each device on the system, and remote diagnostics as and when required. Any issues with devices on the system will automatically trigger an alert to the Service Team.

Timing is everything along with attention to detail, and each project has its own complexities to consider. Collaborating closely with clients to exceed their expectations and create the ultimate immersive experience for visitors is the key to a successful installation.

Dan Seal is a Senior Project Development Manager for the Solotech UK Group Systems Integration Team, specializing in creating bespoke immersive experiences across various sectors including corporate, theme parks, arts and entertainment.


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