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Must-have conferencing technology for the hybrid work model

The hybrid work model looks like it’s here to stay. If you’re an IT professional, CEO, Procurement Manager, or Estate Manager, you don’t want to miss this boat.

“Can you see me?”  “Can you hear me?”  “Is there a construction crew drilling nearby?”  “You’re frozen.”  “You should call IT.”  “I’m sorry, but we’ve run out of time.”

If these phrases sound familiar, there’s a good chance your company has joined the ranks of the new hybrid workplace reality.  

 What was once considered a temporary response to the ongoing pandemic, the hybrid work model looks like it’s here to stay. For most, this work-from-home and sometimes work-at-the-office lifestyle satisfies a yearning for balance and freedom. The question is, how can IT and facility managers ensure that remote workers and office workers feel like they’re all working under the same roof? 

If you are an IT professional, IT Manager, CEO, Procurement Manager, or Estate Manager, you don’t want to miss this boat. 

The highs of the hybrid work model 

73% of employees want remote work options to remain in place1

In our whitepaper entitled ‘Can you hear me now? Key conferencing technology to help IT and facility managers embrace hybrid work mode’, we outline the needs and benefits of a carefully conceived hybrid work plan. 

The magic begins when you provide all users with the same and most up-to-date conferencing technology. This contributes to increased employee engagement, overall productivity and consistent and predictable work experience. As a bonus, an investment in AV technology can ensure its efficiency and long-term lifespan. And last but not least, your IT department can shift their time and effort away from endless AV troubleshooting. 

If you lose your video, you can still carry a conversation. If you lose your audio, the meeting is over.


Sound makes the world go-‘round

When it comes to videoconferencing technology, the Solotech advantage is certainly in the sound. Founded on audio expertise in live events, companies around the world now count on Solotech for impeccable sound, video and hardware/software technology solutions.

Sound is pivotal to the videoconferencing experience in the hybrid work model. The right audio processor and omnidirectional microphone can change everything. But this is only the beginning. 

Did you know that the right acoustic treatment can reduce distractions by 51%2?

A tech team that understands your reality

66% of business leaders are considering redesigning office space for hybrid work3.

Our whitepaper will walk you through the pain points of the hybrid workplace model and share solutions aimed at company leaders who want to future-proof their audiovisual systems. Discover the benefits of best-in-class videoconferencing technology for both your employees and your bottom line.

Find out how to optimize video feeds, choose the right software, and the importance of hardware and after-sales support. The insights and tips you’ll read are steps towards making sure you never hear the phrase again Can you hear me now?”

1-3 Eldeman Data x Intelligence Survey sponsored by Microsoft, (2021)www.microsoft.com/en-us/worklab/work-trend-index/hybrid-work 
2 David M. Sykes PhD., (2009) Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance In Offices & Open Areas 

Download our white paper here!


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