Whether in public places or businesses, from airports to bus and train terminals, from restaurant menus to wayfinding in shopping centres, digital signage and video display walls are invaluable audiovisual communication tools. You can rely on us if you need interactive screens for advertising or displays that diffuse vital, up-to-the-minute messaging.

The Solotech team understands how to maximize the true versatility and flexibility of this ever-evolving medium. Our team will work with you as you consider screen size, technical equipment, distance of the audience from the screen, indoor and outdoor settings, as well as structure and placement. Countless years of experience translate into asking the right questions to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Our Digital Signage Solutions

Solotech’s seasoned specialists guide you in selecting the best high-quality equipment for your project and make sure they exceed your expectations when bringing your digital signage vision to life.

Direct View LED Screens

Create stunning HD visuals, indoors or out, no matter the format (even round or spherical) your project requires. With our direct view LED screens and screen-sharing software solutions, the keyword is easy—easy installation, easy to share content, and easy on the eyes.

Digital Displays and Monitors

Want to make a big impression? Our digital displays can be fitted to countless stadiums, museums or airport environments, or just about anywhere where video quality counts. With multiple screens installed side-by-side at any angle, your sound and imagery will translate into a remarkable and immersive digital experience.

Enterprise IPTV

Effortlessly stream live TV and video library content with a Solotech enterprise IPTV solution. Capture TV or video content from any source and display it throughout your hotel or workplace. Creating a mood, providing entertainment, or conveying messages has never been easier.

Video Walls

Even an audience that is less tech-savvy can tell if a screen looks like it doesn’t belong when it comes to commercial spaces. Impress them by choosing custom video walls, managed remotely with ease to communicate in a captivating way your messages, latest news, and much more.

Interactive Kiosks

Want people to stop in their tracks as they walk by your conference kiosk or stroll through their local shopping centre? Give them an exciting, custom-designed interactive experience that also delivers ROI. Our highly customizable and cost-effective interactive kiosk solutions also offer complete control of your content.

Video Projection and Mapping

There are absolutely no limits when we think about video projection and mapping, for instance floor-to-ceiling video and graphics on historical buildings without losing image quality due to architectural anomalies. Our team will help you build an audiovisual spectacle that your audience won’t soon forget.


Whether you need directional, instructional, identification or regulatory wayfinding signage for airports, shopping centres, school campuses or underground parking lots, our specialists will propose a solution that clearly shows the way. Our products help you efficiently manage content without downtime.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Get more bang for your advertising buck and reach your customers wherever they are with a Solotech-designed out-of-home digital signage solution. With strategically located digital billboards, the opportunities to capture the public’s attention are endless. Maximize your results and get closer to your business goals with our custom digital solutions.

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