Our lighting team will work closely with you to create an atmosphere that best represents your desired look, tone or theme.

They are up to any challenge in any space: live performance venues, offices, restaurants, hotels. Our lighting solutions specialists will collaborate with you to bring your creative and technical vision to life.

The sky is the limit as we make our selection of LED or colored lights, then carefully install each one for optimal efficiency, lighting and mood. When it comes to lighting solutions, special effects and control systems for venues and spaces of all sizes, anything is possible with the Solotech team.

Our Lighting Solutions

Our specialists possess profound knowledge on a diverse range of high-quality equipment and will design and program lighting to your unique requirements. State-of-the-art equipment paired with industry savvy and reliable service always guarantee an excellent visual impact.

LED Lighting

When designing lighting for walls, walkways, building facades and more, a LED lighting system can transform any space into a more inviting one. LED lights, which come in a host of colors and sizes, typically last longer and use less electrical power… a bonus for your bottom line.

Architectural Lighting

Some buildings and spaces get a little more attention than others, and deservedly so. Let the Solotech lighting design specialists create an intricate system to highlight unique architectural accents on any surface or in any environment. Dazzle onlookers after sunset with a color-changing lighting solution from Solotech. Create a spectacle using a combination of LED lights, projectors, and other equipment typically used in theatre productions.

Stage Lighting

A clever lighting setup is what creates magic on any stage. From the moment that the house lights begin to dim to the way the moving lights create mood and emotion, the proper stage lighting design can transform a performance. Trust our seasoned experts to create a stage lighting solution that your audience won’t soon forget.

Follow Spots

The choice and placement of follow spots are critical in directing the audience’s attention during a theatrical performance. Our team will guide and collaborate with you as you select the best equipment for your unique needs.

Special Effects and Video

With the help of Solotech’s special effects and video specialists, your imagination will know no boundaries. The right equipment could help you project a starry sky or a cityscape on your theatre backdrop. Impress your audience from start to finish, and without them ever knowing your lighting secrets.

Facility-Wide and Building Control Systems

When the focus is less on aesthetics and more about lighting and security, choose a facility-wide or building control system from Solotech. Whether it’s for facility control or theatrical show control, our specialists will ensure you are in complete control of each and every lighting, audio and show component.

Control Consoles and Systems

Does your space need a reliable, easy-to-use local lighting control system? Let Solotech strategically design the system that controls the timing and focus of your lights with a sophisticated yet user-friendly control panel.

Network and Data Distribution

For straightforward or more complex lighting applications, a fast and reliable network and data distribution system is the backbone to a successful project. Make sure Solotech is part of your lighting solutions tech team from day one.

Power Control and Distribution

Need a team that can look at a performance space for the first time and envision how to distribute power in the best way possible? Solotech specialists are the masters of cables, distributions boxes and raceways, as well as intelligent fixture control systems.

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