Multimedia and interactive experiences are a great way to heighten entertainment value at theme parks, theatres, museums, aquariums, and more. Solotech will help you keep your audience captivated with solutions for immersive audio, surface mapping, and augmented reality; everything you need to ensure perfection for each exciting outing.

Imagine the surround sound of space ships on a theme park ride or images of a magical world projected onto your venue’s floor-to-ceiling surfaces.

The sky is the limit with Solotech!

Multimedia and Interactive Solutions

A seamless audience experience is always our goal. Our specialists rely on longstanding relationships with leading equipment suppliers, paired with a unique flair for leveraging technology in creative and innovative ways.

Surface Mapping and Blending

Create an undeniable ‘‘wow’’ effect for a theatrical or entertainment experience. Our surface mapping and blending experts will devise a technical solution to help you project video onto even and uneven surfaces such as buildings, walls, and objects. Your audience won’t be able to tell what is real and what is a projected image.

Immersive Audio

There is nothing quite like the power of sound to heighten emotion. Our specialists have been honing their immersive audio skills for many years on projects, big and small. From the sound of a crack of lightning moving across a theatre to impressive three-dimensional installations, you are instantaneously brought to the next level of sound.

Object Tracking

Solotech thrives when working with complex technology, including the many moving parts of object tracking for theme park rides and special productions. Developers all over the world are pushing the limits of this mesmerizing application. Trust our team to help you maximize the object tracking for your audience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Offer an exceptional and technically sound augmented reality adventure with the help of our team of AR specialists. The Solotech team will help you set up a specialized room, design and install the surrounding audio, and work closely with well-known AR-related vendors.

Interactive Media

Do you have educational, informational or entertainment content that is ideal for a large touchscreen ? Make this content interactive, and then add hyper-focused audio to ensure that your users never forget their experience. From conception to installation, including after-sales services, Solotech is the ideal partner for interactive media.

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