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L-Acoustics L Series – The Future of the Line Array

L-Acoustics has launched the L-Series, the next generation of line array technology. The system is now available to order from the Solotech Sales Team – first orders shipping in Q4 of 2023.

L-Acoustics introduced the modern line array concept in the ’90s, and three decades later, this technology is still the standard for live events around the world. After analysing hundreds of projects using line arrays, the company realised most audience geometries and array shapes followed a similar trend. This led to the conclusion that a fixed element with pre-defined progressive angles would provide incredible gains in quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

The System

L Series comprises two elements that are designed to work together or on their own: L2 above and L2D below. One L2 or L2D element provides the same contour as four K2 elements in a format that is 46% smaller and 40% lighter. The audio benefits of L Series encompass industry-leading SPL per size, unparalleled consistency over the audience area, and improved rejection everywhere else. Accompanying the audio benefits, L Series revolutionizes deployment with a smaller, lighter footprint that reduces truck space and requires fewer elements, cutting the number of actions needed to load in and out.

Solotech has been involved in the pilot phase, deploying the L-Series for Helene Fischer, the first tour for the new system. The impact of the L Series was imediately apparent: “Our L2 system uses a fraction of the truck space as an equivalent K1/K2 system would have,” explains Holger Schader, Senior Consultant Concert Touring and Special Events at Solotech. “We used just one truck instead of two trucks for the audio on this tour. Load-in is also easier and more fail-safe because we only have four elements to connect instead of 16.”


Adding to system efficiency, L Series is driven by the new LA7.16 high-resolution touring amplified controller, which supports L2 and L2D with 16 channels of high-power amplification and processing. LA7.16 comes in a new LA-RAK III touring rack offering 48 channels of amplification with more than 60,000 watts of power in 9U. Leveraging the high-resolution amplification of LA7.16 and the advanced Autosolver tools, L Series output can be perfectly modulated to achieve results that are impossible with traditional line array technology.

“L-Acoustics is a long-term partner, and we are quite proud to be the first company to pilot L Series on tour with Helene Fischer, for whom we are providing audio, lighting, and video,” says John Probyn, Head of Business Development, Live Productions Division, Europe, Solotech.

L-Acoustics will continue the pilot phase throughout the summer, with the first orders being delivered in Q4. To be one of the first to have L-Series, contact the Solotech Sales Team today: uk.groupsales@solotech.com

Read the full L-Acoustics press release here.

Read more on the Helene Fischer tour here.

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