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Solotech Elevates Andre Rieu’s Tour with State-of-the-Art Audio

Solotech’s cutting edge solutions amplify Andre Rieu's Tour

Solotech has reaffirmed its quarter-century partnership with Dutch violinist Andre Rieu, delivering unparalleled audio experiences on his global tour. Rieu’s unique blend of classical and waltz music, accompanied by the 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra, is amplified by Solotech’s expertise.

For the recent UBS Arena show in Elmont, New York, Solotech showcased its proficiency by deploying the L-Acoustics K2 PA system. With 16 boxes on the mains, 12 on the side, and complemented by KS28 subwoofers, Solotech ensured a flawless rendition of centuries-old classical compositions in a modern arena setting.

Solotech’s crew chief/system engineer, Alexandre Dugas, emphasized the company’s integral role in Rieu’s tours, stating, “It’s always big shoes to fill.” The long-standing collaboration between Solotech and Rieu signifies the seamless integration of traditional musical artistry with cutting-edge audio technologies, making each concert a memorable performance.

As Solotech continues to evolve its tour packages for adaptability and efficiency, the enduring partnership with Andre Rieu stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch audio solutions on a global stage.

For further details, read the full article on Mix Online.

Source: Mix Online (November 20), Around the World with Andre Rieu


Contact: media@solotech.com

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