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Solotech and L-Acoustics partner to introduce new L Series line source array

Helene Fischer’s “live 2023” European tour

Solotech pilots revolutionary L Series system; deploys the technology for the first time on Helene Fischer’s tour.

In an article detailing the launch of the L-Acoustics L Series line source array, TPI Magazine highlighted the crucial role Solotech played in the technology’s deployment. As an important L-Acoustics partner, Solotech piloted the L Series, using it for the first time ever at Helene Fischer’s “Live 2023” kickoff show at Barclays Arena Hamburg on April 11th.

The concert sound system met the needs of Helene Fischer’s team due to its power, control, and consistency in a format that is almost half the size and weight of an equivalent traditional line source array.

“L-Acoustics is a long-term partner, and we are quite proud to be the first company to pilot L Series on tour with Helene Fischer, for whom we are providing audio, lighting, lighting, and video,” said John Probyn, Head of Business Development, Live Productions Division, Europe, Solotech.

For more details, read the full article here.

Source: TPI Magazine (April 18, 2023), L-Acoustics Launches L Series





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