The Historic All Saints Church, Ecclesall

  • Sheffield
d&b audiotechnik xC Series systemAllen and Heath QU-32 digital mixing console

d&b xC-Series installed at All Saints Church

A brief history of All Saints Church

There was first a Chapel in Ecclesall, Sheffield in the 1300s and the existing Grade II building can be traced back to 1780. Over the years a number of audio systems have been installed in the All Saints Church, each time adding to what was already there in order to address the latest need.

This somewhat ‘cobbled together’ solution was beginning to show its age and could no longer cope with the demands placed on it by the church. This was especially so since All Saints boasts a young congregation and live music plays an important role in the church’s regular services. The decision was taken to have a complete audio refit, and with funding in place Alistair Stevenson, Curate and Director of Worship at All Saints contacted a number of audio companies for advice and quotations on the project.

Delivering High Performance Audio ‘Discretely’

Installations Manager Tim Mortimer handled the project right from the initial inquiry and the company were subsequently awarded the contract. Tim recommended a d&b audiotechnik xC Series system for the church. The xC Series is a two way column loudspeaker, engineered to provide an effective yet discreet solution in acoustically challenging environments.

The range includes the 16C, 24C and 24C-E and all incorporate 4“ drivers in a special design radiating through waveguide elements at the front and damped ports at the rear of the cabinet. The 24C also features an HF array that can be mechanically steered to target the listening audience.

Installing d&b xC-Series for optimum coverage

Our design featured a pair of d&b 24C columns and 24CE column extenders mounted either side of the chancel. A pair of 16C columns were installed on pillars halfway down the nave with a further pair of 16Cs providing coverage to the raised gallery at the rear. A pair of d&b 8s coaxial point source cabinets provide out-fill to the far reaches of the transept and a single floor standing d&b 18S sub provides the bottom end punch.

“The height of the two main columns either side of the chancel would have presented problems with most solutions as they would have to be angled down to achieve the HF coverage. With the xC and its steerable HF element we were able to flush mount the columns and then focus the HF onto the congregation, achieving an even coverage throughout.”

Tim Mortimer

The Allen & Heath Qu-32 – Providing total user flexibility

As part of the package, we supplied an Allen and Heath QU-32 digital mixing console and an Allen and Heath ME personal monitoring package. The ME solution is ideal in houses of worship as it allows each musician to set their own monitor mix and then hear it back through In Ear Monitors, keeping volume levels on the platform down to a minimum. Tim summed up the install: 

“The church now has a single coordinated audio solution that has visual impact, sounds great and is simple for them to operate. It was great to work with the team at All Saints and I believe we’ve provided them with the best possible solution for their budget.”

Tim Mortimer

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