D&B System Installation At Brudenell Social club

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Brudenell Social Club has expanded with a second gig room, complete with a d&b audiotechnik system

System Installation: Enhancing the Live Music Experience at The Brudenell

The Brudenell is a cornerstone of the Leeds live music scene, with a reputation for showcasing the best of upcoming talent and on more than one occasion, hosting secret gigs for well established artists. The Social Club, which opened in 1913, has run as a not-for-profit social and music venue for the past 20 years.

Testimony to the quality of the venue, its facilities and the artists it attracts, the Brudenell has recently been awarded Best Venue (capacity under 800) at the Live UK Music Business Awards. Keen to build on the venue’s success, licensee and general manager Nathan Clark secured funding to open a second event space at the club. A new build, the extension adds 281 square metres with a capacity of around 300.

We previously installed the audio system in the main event space at the Brudenell in 2015, and were once again invited to supply the system in the new Community Room. Sales Manager Ryan Thomas recommended a d&b audiotechnik package to meet the requirements for the new event space.

The Installation of a Comprehensive d&b Audio System

A single d&b V10P cabinet has been flown either side of the stage with a d&b 10S providing centre infill. Two d&b V-GSUBs running in cardioid have been built into the stage apron to provide the bottom end. On stage a d&b monitor package of four d&b M4 wedge monitors and a drum fill comprising one M4 cabinet and a d&b V1 sub has been supplied. The entire system is powered by one d&b 30D and two 10D amplifiers. In addition we supplied a MIDAS PRO2-C digital mixing console with a DL 251 remote stagebox for front of house and monitor mixes.

The Impact of the New Audio System on The Brudenell Community Room

Installations Project Engineer Paul Todd commented,

“The system is ideal for a space of this size. Using a single box per side is great because it doesn’t hinder sight lines yet is more than capable of delivering the high SPL required. We’ve run the subs in cardioid to reduce the sound levels on stage and added the centre fill to ensure we don’t get any HF drop off for those standing front centre.”

Paul Todd

“Every band we’ve had through here has been really impressed with the system. Obviously d&b audiotechnik is one of the most rider friendly PAs you can have, but what has surprised many is the power, clarity and punch we achieve from just five boxes. We’ve ended up with a superb sounding compact venue – we’re delighted with the results and the support we have had from SSE has been fantastic.”

Nathan Clark

The Brudenell Community Room first opened on 7th September with a performance by Mogwai and has quickly become a favourite with both customers and artists alike.

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