• Los Angeles
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Frame:work:losangeles is a conference that brings together professionals in the field of live pixel productions. With multiple speaker sessions and panels, it aims to spotlight those working in these fields and to share insight into industry trends.  

In 2023, it took place over two days at XR Studios Los Angeles. The conference happened simultaneously in two studios with a live viewing at the Kodak theater to allow for further in-person attendees.

Empowering the conference with seamless live streaming solutions

As a conference that prioritizes both in-person and virtual participation, frame:work:losangeles sought a comprehensive live streaming solution to bridge the gap between physical and remote attendees. Laura Frank, executive director at frame:work, shared about the importance of live streaming: “The frame:work community is small and spread out internationally. We also keep quite busy, making in-person attendance difficult. The live stream allows us to let our community participate wherever they are, even if it’s a lunch break on the other side of the planet.” 

Solotech stepped in to cater to the conference’s streaming needs with its LiveSphere streaming platform. With their expertise in live events and cutting-edge technology, Solotech presented an end-to-end webcasting solution that integrated with frame:work’s dynamic agenda.  

In a collaborative effort, XR Studios managed the audio, video, and lighting equipment, while Solotech visual capture enriched the virtual streaming experience by offering diverse perspectives, enhancing the immersion for online viewers. This partnership resulted in a comprehensive and top-tier event experience for both on-site and remote attendees.


Solotech ensured that remote attendees experienced the event with unparalleled clarity through their own live-streaming platform, LiveSphere. Participants around the world could select between two different studios to view panels occurring simultaneously, switching between views as they wished. To maintain the interactive nature of the conference, the platform also allowed two-way communication through a live chat, enabling the remote viewers to engage with the speakers. When asked about her favorite part about the experience, Laura Frank mentioned that it was “seeing the chat light up with virtual applause at the end of a session.” 

Throughout the event, Solotech provided dedicated technical support to troubleshoot any potential issues promptly and ensure a smooth streaming experience.  

Solotech’s LiveSphere  allowed frame:work to personalize its streaming interface, aligning it precisely with the event’s branding. This customization created a consistent visual identity and immersed participants in the unique ambiance of the frame:work conference. LiveSphere also integrated with a third-party ticketing platform, enabling frame:work to host a ticketed event and ensure a smooth and organized registration process.  

After the conference was over, frame:work could continue reaping the benefits of its collaboration with Solotech. They obtained valuable analytics and insights, with metrics such as viewership trends and geographic distribution of the remote audience. This offered valuable data for future event planning and improvements. Solotech was also able to provide a recording to allow for on-demand viewing of the conference for the audience to revisit presentations and catch up on missed content.  

“The teams at XR Studios & Solotech have been great partners who care about our mission and delivering tools and a working environment that support our goals.” 

– Laura Frank, Executive Director, frame:work 

Overall, the collaboration between frame:work and Solotech proved to be a resounding success, demonstrating the potential of technology to unite physical and virtual realms. Through their innovative live streaming solutions, Solotech and XR Studios empowered the conference to extend its impact and build international communities.