L- Acoustics A10 in Lincoln Performing Arts Centre


Solotech has completed a full L-Acoustics audio upgrade to Lincoln’s Performing Arts Centre.

The Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC) is a 446-seat multi-purpose auditorium, designed for live arts performances, conferences, and film screenings and is part of the University of Lincoln. In 2021 the venue secured funding for a comprehensive upgrade of the theatre’s audio infrastructure.

L-Acoustics A10 Constant Curvature

The system features left and right hangs of L-Acoustics A-10 constant curvature cabinets with a centre hang of L-Acoustics KIVA II variable curvature cabinets. Solotech Application Engineer Kyle Durno explained the system design: “Theatrical applications benefit from a central source to localise dialogue and vocals, so we recognised from the outset that a left-centre-right configuration would be required.”

“Using L-Acoustics Soundvision software we modelled the auditorium and were able to demonstrate the combination of KIVA II and A-10 would achieve the desired coverage, with excellent speech intelligibility at low volumes and audio fidelity at high SPLs. The design included a pair of L-Acoustics X12s as near field fills to extend coverage with L-Acoustcs X8’s as front fills across the stage. We then added in four L-Acoustics KS21 subwoofers to deliver the low frequency response.

The entire system is powered by four LA4X and one LA12X L-Acoustics amplifiers with an L-Acoustics P1 processor providing EQ and distribution. Overall system control is via a QSC 110f Q-Sys core.

Venue technical manager Steve Chambers is delighted with the service Solotech supplied. “From the outset, timescales were tight as we had to have the system by the end of the university financial year. Solotech were able to source and deliver all the kit in time and have recently revisited site to fine tune the system.”

“We deliver everything from graduation speeches through theatre productions to rock and pop performances. This system is incredibly flexible delivering great speech intelligibility and high SPLs with great fidelity. The system is extremely rider-friendly and as our diary starts to fill again after the Covid pandemic we look forward to putting the system through its paces.”

Lincoln Arts Centre: https://lincolnartscentre.co.uk/