Solotech Deploys L-Acoustics L-ISA for Innvisible Flock’s ‘Sleeping Tree’


As part of 2023 Brighton Festival’s opening weekend, Brighton Dome hosted ‘The Sleeping Tree’, described as ‘an immersive sound installation that surrounds you with the captivating and microscopically accurate noises of the jungle, which transports you to a distant and fragile ecosystem that changes from hour to hour.’

Recorded over three months in the Indonesian rainforest, the project follows a family of endangered Siamang Gibbons as they wake, roam across the jungle before returning to their sleeping tree.

In order to reproduce the immersive soundscape, Invisible Flock, the interactive arts studio behind the project, worked closely with L-Acoustics utilising their L-ISA immersive audio processing technology. L-ISA enables engineers and producers to place instruments, sounds or voices as if they were objects to create a three dimensional image. With correct loudspeaker placement the image remains constant within the room, from wherever it is being listened to.

Invisible Flock’s Ben Eaton designed and programmed the content with Sergey Becker from L-Acoustics designing the L-ISA system. Once the designs were complete, L-Acoustics brought in Solotech to turn the project into a reality. Two L-ISA processors provided the immersive sound DSP and distribution, with a total of forty-four loudspeaker cabinets, comprising SYVA, X8 and X12 making up four rings and a centre channel. 22 x KS21 and SYVA subs provided the low frequency with the whole system powered by 11 x LA12X and 7 x LA4X amplifiers.

Sergey Becker was delighted with the support from Solotech: “On a project as complex as this it was crucial that I could focus on what I had to do, safe in the knowledge that I had the skill and expertise of the Solotech team behind me – many thanks to all involved!”

Ben Eaton was equally impressed with the outcome of the project: “The show went fantastically, the audience feedback was excellent and it sounded great. The Solotech team were superb and System Technician Pete Hughes in particular was a real asset.”

Robin Conway project manged Sleeping Tree for Solotech: “It was a real joy to work on a complex system like this. The installation was extremely complex. However, all the pre-planning myself and our Audio Co-Ordinators were able to do really sped up prep and the deployment onsite. Huge thanks to the Solotech team in particular audio coordinator Ian Morris and L-Acoustics L-ISA specialist Kyle Durno.”

“Invisible flock were great to work with and it would be great to work on more projects with them in the future.”