The Half Moon at Putney – A Piece of Rock and Roll History


Historic Venue Upgrades Its Martin Audio System with Stellar Results

An Who’s Who of Musical Legends

The Half Moon has hosted some of the biggest names in show business over the last sixty years. It was the venue for U2’s first ever sell-out show, it was the place where Kate Bush first performed publicly, hosted KD Lang’s debut, and has had the likes of Bo Diddley, The Who, and The Rolling Stones gracing it’s stage. It’s a genuine landmark of rock and roll history.

It’s also a pub.

The Half Moon

The Half Moon in Putney is truly something special. A literal ‘stone’s throw’ from the river Thames, this astonishing venue draws renowned musicians and live music, year after year. From the outside it looks no different to any other London public house. Step inside though and you immediately know you’re somewhere unique, somewhere authentic. This is a place where artists hone their craft. It’s where they build a fanbase. It’s also where superstars like The Rolling Stones go to remind themselves of where they started. This place ‘feels’ underground.

This authenticity is a rare chemistry, and one which Andy Tullock, general manager of the Half Moon, knows is crucial to the venue.

Over the years our business has evolved, just like any other, but the DNA of what we are offer has never changed. Our heritage is delivering great experiences in a venue that people love to come back to. This is a great space and the sound that we create is a huge part of our draw.

Rock and Roll Takes Its Toll

But times change, technology advances, and things inevitably wear out. And so, when Andy came to replacing the PA at the Half Moon, he knew exactly who to speak to.

The previous PA had been in for nearly twenty years,” explains Dan Seal, Senior Business Development Manager at Solotech. “It was doing a job, but it wasn’t performing at anything like the levels the guys needed. This is an intimate space and so the audience can really tell when the audio lacks fidelity.”

Martin Audio – The Clear Solution

Martin Audio was the logical solution, providing the type of high-end audio quality that was required at a smaller venues budget. It was a choice further reinforced by the venue already owning a Martin Audio monitor system. Dan Seal specified a pair of FP15 coaxial cabinets flown horizontally left and right, with a pair of SX218 subs ground stacked to provide the low frequency punch.

One FP8 and three FP6 coaxial cabinets were used as infill to provide even coverage throughout the intimate space. An additional pair of Martin Audio VIA5002s are now used to drive the main PA with all signal routing and EQ managed via a Martin Audio DX4.0 Networked Loudspeaker Processor.

And it rocks!

The Result?

The new PA is incredible. The comparison between what we had and what Solotech have installed is almost day and night. And it’s not just the people that work here that can tell the difference. We’ve had regular customers feed back – unprompted, I might add – and a many of the artists have told us how impressed they are with how our system makes them sound. It doesn’t come much better than that. If the artists and paying customers are happy then we’re getting it right

Andy Tullock, General Manager, The Half Moon

Want To Experience It For Yourself?

The Half Moon has been proudly hosting music every night since 1963 and we can testify to what an amazing experience it is. If you’re ever in the area you should check them out.

Who knows what future legends you might see! To see a list of their upcoming gigs, visit